Automated Grass Mowing

Automated Grass Mowing

About– Robotic mowers are discreet, compact and extraordinarily precise robots. They have edge mowing capabilities and programming to tackle large lawns in zones between recharging. Keep your lawn trimmed to a precise length.

Automation Scenario– My home trims its lawn twice a week when we are out. It waits until we leave to find the best moment. With a flip of a setting button on my home automation app the reverse happens and it only mows when we are home and doing other things because I like to watch it. Additionally, if I want to show off to my friend I pull out my phone and press a button to mow now. You will not get this level of programming out of the box. We completely integrate the Home Automation system with the Robot’s Control system to achieve this.

Maintenance Required – As the robot is self-recharging and has no grass collecting bin, leaving only very fine cuttings, there is very little maintenance required. The mower inspects the moisture level in the grass prior to mowing to avoid clumping.

Future Improvements– Mowers with even finer, more precise blades allowing trimming of artistic designs including text directly onto your grass are in development. Imagine that yard with starfish and octopi trimmed in your grass.

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