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World’s Smartest Luxury High-Rise Ideas

World’s Smartest Luxury High-Rise Ideas

An existing client recently asked how we would design the world’s smartest luxury high-rise. We applied the same innovative spirit that allowed us to win the Electronic House 2017 Home of the Year award and assembled our vision for the luxury building. Join us as we examine a small fraction of the unlimited possibilities.  …Continue Reading

Facial Recognition in Homes & Businesses

Facial Recognition in Homes & Businesses

With today’s high definition security cameras facial recognition is not just for the X-Box any more! Technology can be integrated to identify not only faces but objects. While the technology isn’t yet available as an out of the box solution, Your Tech specializes in integrating facial recognition into systems for all types of uses. Contact us…Continue Reading


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Your Tech sells consulting, programming and installation services for technology components in all 50 states and the Caribbean. Licensure requirements, for wiring, vary by location. One of our team members will act as your personal representative to make recommendations, get bids and negotiate contracts, on your behalf, with licensed contractors to wire your home in preparation for our technology.

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