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Color Select – LED Landscaping Lights

Color Select – LED Landscaping Lights

Smart home technology isn’t just for TV’s, speakers and the normal electronics one may think about. A truly smart home can create a whole different mood with the push of a single button. And, nothing affects your mood more than your visual senses. Programmable Scenes: Midnight blue light with a water-ripple effect shines on the surrounding…Continue Reading

Replacing A LiteTouch System

THIS PAGE HAS BECOME SO POPULAR WE HAVE CREATED A DEDICATED WEBSITE. GET AN INSTANT ONLINE QUOTE AT THE NEW WEBSITE! The problem with all major hardwired (“panelized”) systems on the market today is that the multiple pieces are not readily interchangeable with parts from a different manufacturer. In the case of LiteTouch, for…Continue Reading

Color Changing LED Lights

Color Changing LED Lights

Who doesn’t like elegant multi purpose lighting? Color changing led lighting can set any mood. From active entertaining to spa soothing? Color changing LED strips are great for this purpose because the changing colors will boost the mood of your gathering, be it among friends or family. Led lights are available in all types and…Continue Reading

Electronic Smart Glass

Electronic Smart Glass

Ever feel like your living in a glass aquarium? Electronic Smart Glass is instant privacy with a push of a button. Changing how we use glass, once glass was used to simply provide a clear view through which we can separate two areas…. from inside to outdoors, wall room dividers or as a shop window…Continue Reading


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