Color Select – LED Landscaping Lights

Color Select – LED Landscaping Lights

Smart home technology isn’t just for TV’s, speakers and the normal electronics one may think about. A truly smart home can create a whole different mood with the push of a single button. And, nothing affects your mood more than your visual senses.

Programmable Scenes:

Midnight blue light with a water-ripple effect shines on the surrounding landscape, giving the impression that just a few steps into the surrounding woods will reveal a moonlit pond – find yourself in this scene and you’ll begin to relax immediately.

Ever wish you could copy that light reflecting on your house from your pool to other areas of your house and on trees in your landscaping? We have a lighting scene that can.

Want a more traditional mood for that cocktail party? Brilliant pure white light reflects off the water, landscape and house.

Or how about various shades of bright yellow and orange in the morning to get you energized for the day ahead?

And let’s not forget there are countless combinations of colors and options that can all be automated to create your very own relaxed scene or crazy light show.


With an automation system, your scenes can be programmed with timers or sensors to just happen.

Also, create lighting shows for parties, or have different lights in different areas do separate color effects.

Many Color Choices:


LED Landscaping Photos:


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