Replacing A LiteTouch System

Replacing A LiteTouch System
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In 2012, Savant purchased LiteTouch to add lighting control systems to their product offering.  Unfortunately for LiteTouch customers, Savant immediately discontinued the system and all support. With extensive knowledge of many control systems such as LiteTouch, here at Your Tech we have developed a solution to replace your LiteTouch system.

The problem with all major hardwired (“panelized”) systems on the market today is that the multiple pieces are not readily interchangeable with parts from a different manufacturer. In the case of LiteTouch, for example, the in-wall dimmers/switches/keypads must all be from LiteTouch. This is also the case with the dimmer panels that control the loads directly and the controller that operates the system. At Your Tech we have found a solution!

Our Solution

The Panel-

Engineered by our technicians to replace any outdated lighting system with a system that can be serviced forever, we replace your existing LiteTouch panels with a standard multi gang panel. This is not your standard 3 or 4 light switch box – our panel holds 20 standard decora light switches! From this panel you can easily test the lights without the intimidating lighting controls that panels typically have.

We then install smart switches in the panel to control all the lights. Smart switches are designed to replace a standard decora light switch and are made by many manufacturers, allowing endless options. As an added bonus, smart light switches can communicate even between switches from different manufactures.

The Keypads-

Now that you have lots of smart switches where the old LiteTouch panel used to be, we need some way to control them where the old keypads use to be. Using programming, we can create scene buttons to control one or multiple lights back in the panel. The new keypads have many options and there are many keypads available from multiple manufacturers that will all work together.

UPBKey Takeaway-

The solution our technicians engineered is truly brilliant, as they resolve the number one issue with all major hardwired panelized systems – they do not use interchangeable parts from different manufacturers. With our system, you can simply choose to replace a switch with one from another manufacturer.

replacing litetouch panel


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Extra Thoughts!

In many cases, there are remodeling projects in which it was too much hassle to upgrade the lighting system. With our method, we can simply replace the standard light switches with smart ones and add these areas to the system.

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