Many security companies exist, and even thrive, on homeowners who need a basic security system for their homes. Your Tech is different; we offer a holistic approach to an integrated security system which provides a much safer environment for your family. Modular systems work together to integrate security, surveillance, lighting, network, and home automation seamlessly. Evolution in technology provides real-time access and control. In select markets, Your Tech has professional security engineers to help answer questions, customize a system specifically for your home, and give you the peace of mind that your system will be the most effective it can be.

Most standard security systems include perimeter sensors, motion detection, smoke and fire monitoring and carbon monoxide monitoring. At Your Tech, we begin with the following components as the foundation for your completely integrated system.

• Standard battery backup systems in the event of power loss
• Perimeter barriers such as gate controls, magnetic door locks or releases, and biometric fingerprint access
• External sirens which provide audible notification the alarm has been activated
• Internal speakers to announce about the specific alarm and issue instructions
• Panic buttons for instant emergency service response

Unique to Your Tech

Your Tech offers high tech sophisticated safety systems that are always proactive and protecting you, whether armed or not  With the use of access control, alarm systems and security cameras we can create a covert hidden fortress that is beautiful, yet provides you maximum security and privacy to share intimate moments with your family. This isn’t the typical security system you’re used to unless we’ve installed your system before.  For example, in our homes, a silent alarm will automatically be triggered if a gun is detected or a ski mask is worn.

Of course we’ll integrate and monitor any standard alarm system with our automation system.

Here are several facets of what sets Your Tech apart from standard security companies and alarm systems:

• Custom risk analysis
• System design & engineering
• Floor plan layouts
• Options for builders & architects for new builds and remodels to create safe rooms / panic rooms
• Documentation for your system, services, and warranties
• Knowledge of which doors are used, and when through the combined application of access control, monitoring, and remote access features
• Warranty programs to upkeep the system so that you know your system works, even if you’re not there
• Integrated applications onto mobile devices and computers to provide a centralized vantage point of your entire home
• Programming so that the HVAC system can be automatically disabled to prevent fueling a fire
• Programming so that the lighting control system turns on exterior path lights for safe entry and exit for emergency personnel and your family
• Notification through touch panels, mobile devices, and keypads as to exactly what part of the house was activated
• Assignment of each door, window, and sensor to its own zone
• Timely support by on-call technicians
• Fully staffed service & maintenance departments
• Greater control and lower maintenance costs all under one roof


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