World’s Largest 4K TV Spans 262 Inches

World’s Largest 4K TV Spans 262 Inches

Stay seated in your grand living room and admire the single piece of sprawling canvas artwork exceptionally well-lit by enormous floor to ceiling windows just adjacent. No one would ever believe the World’s Largest 4K TV is actually behind that custom chosen canvas print. With a press of a single button, you will watch in amazement every time as that customized fabric folds away into its almost bezel-free screen. Lighting in grand rooms such as these pose the greatest threat for any projector, but this brilliant lighting is no match for the World’s Largest 262 inch 4K LED TV.

Worlds Largest TV artwork 1

Worlds Largest TV artwork 2

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  1. So, a TV that big must be made up of multiple screens, right? How big are the lines between the screens?

    • Actually, there are no joints with this TV. It is all one unit, which makes this the World’s Largest 4K TV. If you would like an even larger display we can combine LG’s nearly seamless joint matrix tv’s to create literally unlimited size. But upon close inspection you will see the joints with LG’s solution unlike our’s.

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