Think you’re protected from a power surge? Think again!

Home Automation Power Surge Protection

Did you know? No matter how many surge protectors and outlet strips you use when connecting your audio/video equipment, you are still susceptible to lighting damage. Even though your devices are connected to a surge outlet damage can still be caused through these often overlooked connections. Cable and telephone connections are often overlooked and are the number one culprit of damage from lightning and power surges.

In this scenario, a nearby lighting bolt strikes a power line also carrying the cable lines. The lighting surge travels through the coaxal line into your home and to your cable box. But it doesn’t stop there. It continues through your cable box into the HDMI cable to your TV causing more damage. Lighting strikes are like spider webs – you must protect all connections from outside the home.

How to protect your audio / video equipment from power surges:

When planning your audio video system a central power system is a good idea. In this scenario all entertainment devices around the house have special power receptacles; usually colored differently to indicate the outlet is on the central power system.

In addition to protection from the high voltage surges, the central power system also filters and protects lines from utility companies providing cable and telephone.

A central power system is a advanced system constantly monitoring and cleaning the connections for the systems its powering. Additionally, a central power system can provide battery back-up power in the event of a power loss.

The audio video central power system is typically located at the bottom of a A/V rack enclosure.

All devices connected are protected from dangerous voltage surges and spikes thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation technology, which consistently maintains safe voltage conditions without using the battery.

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