Sit down for a technology consultation with the experience of the experts… We can say this after working with a vast number of tech-savvy clients in some of the nation’s finest estate homes over a period of nearly 20 years has engendered a knowledge base that is unmatched in the residential systems industry. The Your Tech design team has an intimate understanding of how people use technology at home, what products and solutions work, which ones don’t, which ones play well with others, what features clients use and appreciate, and even which ones are considered a waste of money.
As technology professionals, we have unique insight on current technology trends. Most importantly, our experienced design consultants are masters at developing creative solutions that enhance lifestyles and preserve the home’s architectural beauty. Your Tech makes Technology Simplified!…we are are here to answer any and all questions you have about home technology systems.

Careful low-voltage system design translates into a beautiful end result that elegantly integrates into your home’s décor. There are an enormous amount of details that go into designing reliable audio video and control systems. First, there is the low-voltage wiring infrastructure. Your home’s wiring should not only be appropriate for your initial needs but also allow for future technologies. Once your walls are closed up, they should stay closed. A properly designed wiring plan should be able to adapt to new technology many years after your initial move-in. In the design phase we like to think how your system might evolve down the road, and plan for it now. Your Tech will communicate your home’s technology needs with your design team (architect and interior designer) as well as your general contractor. Your Tech should be consulted for low-voltage planning at least two months prior to the release of architectural construction documents for new construction projects.

The next step in designing your system is Your Tech listening to your needs and then selecting the right components that will meet your needs reliably. This is similar to putting together a great symphony. The skill of each musician is important, but what is more important is how the musician interacts with the rest of the players in the orchestra. The same illustration applies to your audio video and entertainment systems. When selecting components, we are constantly evaluating how that component fits into the “symphony”. Will it increase the reliability of the system? Will it perform at its best with the other components in the system? Is it a good value in the context of the system as a whole?

The next step in Your Tech’s process is Documentation. To see all of the steps in Your Tech’s process from concept to completion, click the ‘How We Work’ link in the navigation menu.

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