Electronic Smart Glass

Smart Glass

Ever feel like your living in a glass aquarium? Electronic Smart Glass is instant privacy with a push of a button.

Changing how we use glass, once glass was used to simply provide a clear view through which we can separate two areas…. from inside to outdoors, wall room dividers or as a shop window providing security and yet a view to the goods inside.Electronic smart glass now allows glass to be used for privacy and natural light shading in lieu of curtains or blinds. Available as an adhesive laminate film manufactured to size, shape and curved. Sizes and shapes can be cut out on order with precision for attaching to existing windows and glass surfaces.

Standard Uses:

It is perfect for creating privacy in living rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms, shower glass, high tech toilets stalls and office walls.

Advanced Uses:

What appears to be a standard window becomes a high tech display you can use to control your home or send a quick email. We can create the glass window in conjunction with a projector that is actually an hidden interactive multi-touch display.

Material Types:

Architectural products – windows, skylights, doors and partitions – are available as laminated panels or insulated glass units for new construction, replacement and retrofit projects. These products offer a distinctive blend of energy efficiency, user comfort and security.

  • Eliminate blinds and shades
  • Preserve daytime and nighttime views
  • Allow people to enjoy shading on-demand
  • Minimize glare
  • Reduce heating and cooling requirements
  • Maximize daylighting
  • Protect interior furnishings and artwork from fading


In Action:

Animated Gif


More info on Smart Glass from others:

Smart glass technologies include electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended particle, micro-blind and liquid crystal devices.

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