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Sliding doors impart a dynamic elegance to any home, and fulfill a wide range of functions. With the highest level of craftsmanship and Our winning automation systems, Your Tech can automate your sliding doors as part of a complete control solution, allowing you to shape the space around you according to your lifestyle needs. Pair a power sliding door with our Electronic Smart Glass and have a fully power moving door with dimmable glass from fully clear to white out!


Automated sliding doors can completely change the feel of a home. With smooth, precise motion and barely a whisper of sound, a variety of new spaces and effects can be created.

  • Patio doors. Unite the outside with the inside, instantly creating a serene open space or stunning entertainment area.
  • Room partitions / walls. A flexible way to radically alter the layout of your house.
  • Screen panels, to conceal TV screens and more.
  • Moving bookcases. Add a sense of humor to the elegance!


With automation, sliding doors can be designed to look stunning while maximizing convenience and efficiency. By working seamlessly with other household automation systems. You can quickly and easily create an appropriate ambiance for parties, special events, and the everyday needs of you and your home.

  • Beautifully designed, easily controlled.
  • Pick from a variety of control options, including keypads, remote controls, wireless tabletop controls,touchscreen devices… whatever works best for you.
  • Program pre-determined states for different times of day, or special events. Bring together lights, music, motorized window shades and sliding doors with just one touch. Ambiance at your fingertips!


  • Safety features include motion sensors, ensuring doors will not close on people or pets.
  • Can be set to an astronomic time clock. You can rest easy at night, safe in the knowledge that all exterior doors are closed and secured.
  • Doors remain secure in the event of a power failure, and can also be operated manually if necessary.
  • All devices are monitored by Your Tech 27/7/365 days a year, for your convenience. We’ll know if there is a problem well before you do!


Electronic Smart Glass

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