Shading Trends

Whether designing a single space or an entire home, details matter – especially in the world of lighting. What makes each space have its own sense of style can be as simple as the type and amount of room light it has. If you are familiar with a lighting control system, you already know the power of pressing a single button (for example: a “Relax” lighting scene) and have an entire space’s “feel” change. The topic of this post, though, is “daylighting”…using natural light to illuminate a space. Daylighting is no longer a trend but an everyday practice that brings numerous benefits, from the beauty of natural light to energy savings.

The Balance of Light and Dark

Controlling natural light, whether blocking it out at key times or harnessing that light, helps to save energy, reduce costs and maximize efficiencies. In fact, while you may know that many of the best architects and interior designers have customized and brought homes to life through the magic of light, what you may not know is that often they have done this through the power of natural light. Thanks to a wide variety of simple, modern-day technologies available, any building in any location today can take advantage of natural light.

Optimal Use of Light Starts with Shading
A wide variety of window shading solutions supports the efficient use of existing windows. New smart solutions, available in an array of designs and styles, can sense when the sun rises and sets (and whether or not someone is in the home or workplace) and automatically raise or lower shades. In fact, because solar shades come in a variety of fabric materials and compositions, it is important to learn how to identify the various weave patterns and structures so you can choose the best fabric for every application (a Your Tech shading specialist can help you with these decisions).

The Power of Solar

Besides aesthetic beauty, the goal of natural lighting design is to increase the value of, and ultimately, to improve the cost efficiency of your home or business. Controlled natural light enhances the quality and comfort of the indoor environment, regulating heat, light, glare, and the view. In the workplace, the use of natural light also can help to increase productivity while maintaining privacy. Selecting the best solar protection is no longer limited to the tired, bland blinds of the past. With today’s ever-increasing shade and window treatment options available in custom colors, styles, and sizes, designers are able to find a solution to fit any interior. Almost all shades are now automated, and newer shading technologies offer a wide variety of capabilities, from dimming, to protecting against germs and bacteria, to providing UV protection (see a video of a horizontal sheer shades that “dim” by scrolling down).

Discover how the latest shading systems provide precision control of daylight, help save energy, and enhance the look of any space – all at the touch of a button. To learn more about different shading styles, click here.

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