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Your Tech recognizes that your telephone systems requirements are critical for you to stay in touch with family, friends, and your business contacts.

Cellular Telephone Systems

If your building a new home you may not consider at first what the cellular signal may be when the home is completed. Construction materials such as steel, concrete and the newest culprit closed or open cell foam insulation reduce wireless signals inside the home. If your project is using large quantities of these building materials we highly recommend cellular antenna / repeater systems designed to cover your entire estate or for specific areas to increase cellular coverage inside the home. Many do not realize these systems require special wiring and you should contact us sooner than later to ensure your home will have adequate cellular coverage once completed.

Hardwired Telephone Systems

Your Tech clients require many advanced features beyond basic telephone calling, such as intercom, paging, door and gate communication, and voicemail. The latest technology allows integration of mobile phones, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technologies to maximize the efficiency, convenience, and reliability while bridging multiple platforms to provide a seamless telephone systems.



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