Wallpaper TV

Wallpaper TV

We recently installed an amazing OLED TV for a customer in Naples who wanted a modern, thin TV installation, and they received an added bonus that was unexpected.  The customer possessed an older DVD collection, and during a screening test, we found the new TV vastly improved the quality of the old videos. This is because the next generation of video processors can fill in the blanks from older videos, producing near stunning color and quality similar to a movie produced today. We found the video processor to improve not just old DVDs but anything not broadcasted in 4K (which is almost all current tv programming).

Wallpaper Design

With the thickness of two credit cards, LG’s new Wallpaper TV is the ultimate in the future of TV design. It’s so thin and light the TV literally sticks to the wall. For interior designers, it looks more like vivid artwork, that is built into the wall. OLED displays are currently the finest picture quality money can buy. With OLED, you get near perfect color, perfect blacks, excellent brightness and contrast. The result is an image that will hold your attention all day long.


  1. Use invisible speakers to showcase the simplicity of the wallpaper design.
  2. Use digital artwork programming to utilize the display as a vivid artwork display while not watching tv.

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65″ LG 4K Signature Wallpaper OLED shown (soon to be available in a 77″ version)




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