Watch movies in home instead of in theaters: Same Day!

It has been the dream of every movie fan to be able to watch a movie in the comfort of your own private home theater the very same day the movie is released at the local Cineplex. This dream is available now thanks to a revolutionary new movie delivery system called PRIMA Cinema*. This is one of the most amazing products we have ever seen in our many years in the home cinema industry.
The PRIMA Cinema system consists of two units, a playback device that downloads and stores the movies, and a web-connected secure fingerprint reader that allows only people you authorize to make movie purchases. The build quality is impressive, BMW DesignWorksUSA was hired for the industrial design. This is not a cheap plastic streaming appliance like an AppleTV or watching on-demand movies through Netflix; this is a true theatrical experience. The digital movies are downloaded to the PRIMA Cinema machine through your Internet connection in an secure format before the cinema release date. You select movies through an onscreen programming guide, watch as the trailer for “The Bourne Legacy” is selected in the video above.
The picture and sound quality are beyond Blu-ray, you will experience a level of home theater performance better than anything you’ve seen. The PRIMA Cinema system costs $35K for the hardware, and an authorized dealer needs to install, configure, and register it for you.

Each movie will cost $500 per viewing. The stored movies are available for additional views as long as the movie is in wide release at the Box Office. New movies will be downloaded automatically to be available to you during their theatrical release.

What is so extraordinary about this system is that it opens up to home theater owners without industry connections the ability to watch first-run movies. There is a group of Hollywood Elite insiders known as the Bel Air Circuit that has had access to first-run movies through their connections for quite some time, and their screening rooms needed either commercial 35mm projectors or special (expensive) D-Cinema video projectors. Now this theatrical experience can be enjoyed by others without specialized projectors. The PRIMA Cinema system works with any video display device with an HDMI input, which means pretty much every video display for sale in the past several years.

* some movies may not be available day and date with the theatrical release due to movie studio restrictions

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