We realize selecting the right Home Technology consultant and designer is a challenge. The choice you make will stay with you long after the installation is complete. Every company you speak with will tell you that they are the best for your particular project, but how can you know for sure?

Our experience as a high-end electronics consultant servicing the Naples area, with many beachfront homes, has given us vast knowledge of many high-end automation system brands. With this knowledge, we have noted that all brands offer the same control ability, but the reliability of a system varies with the installer and the programming. We realized this early on and built the company structure around this principle.

The following points are why so many of the most discriminating consumers have chosen to work with Your Tech in the past, and continue to call on us again and again.


When considering a integrator, availability is key. If the firm is busy with 2500 alarm-monitoring customers, daily TV mounting projects, or other simple projects, the technician’s availability can be stretched thin. In order to maintain top-notch availability we created a simple rule; Our clients must utilize a high-end automation system. This requirement ensures our availability for our clients who require superior service, while at the same time improving our training, experience, company culture, and encouraging our technicians to innovate. Our customers have written reviews stating that our employees are sensitive to their issues; as much as the company’s owner would be.

We’ve been in this business a while and have also identified many other areas that affect the availability to the client.

For example, When we design a system in a new home we provide detailed plans of what wiring and outlets are needed for our systems. Anyone can run low voltage wires, so we consult with your general contractor’s electrician or alarm security company to run the wiring our electronic components will use. During construction we will review the low voltage wiring to be sure it was run correctly.

Additionally, One of our team members will act as your personal representative and make recommendations for the best smart lighting systems, motorized shades, pool controls, security systems, access control and more. We secure these services and negotiate with other contractors to make the installation on your behalf.

These procedures allow us to focus on the automation components and programming that will control all these individual systems while maintaining our availability which is unmatched in this industry.


Our philosophy on service and availability means we occasionally have some “down time”. We use this time to train and innovate. For example: With regards to Crestron’s proprietary lighting and shading systems, most dealers will tell you the systems must be replaced at a major expense if not used with Crestron.  Here at Your Tech, our technicians have written programming that will allow complete control of your Crestron lighting and shading systems from Savant. Ask our competitors and they will tell you, “If they can do it, so can we.”  We recommend putting us both to the test on this subject before purchasing.

This innovation has led us down a path to being ONE of only TWO Electronic consultants in the state of Florida to have ever won a national Electronic House: Home of the Year award since it’s inception. (MAP OF WINNERS)


The best technologies are simple to use. Decades of experience have taught us what clients love and what they have no interest in. Some user interfaces are wizards, others are websites with complicated, hidden programming. If you’re wondering about our ability to create an intuitive interface, this 189+ page website, our Quote Designer and our Staff Training & Project Management websites were all designed by the very same technicians that will be working in your home.


Because we’re quite experienced in all things technology, who else would be better to negotiate with cable tv companies, manufacture warranty repairs, security alarm companies and all other tech related headaches. This is why our unique flat rate contracts include provisions that we will advocate and negotiate on your behalf. We even go a step further and provide labor at no cost to you for replacing even pre-existing defective parts that fail within our warranty period.

For example, You just completed a new project with us and have an amazing control system but comcast keeps having issues, We will resolve them for you at no additional cost.

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