Automated Pool Cleaning

To keep any pool sparkling, you have to control a list of things that in turn require a significant amount of time.

In terms of integration, Your Tech takes it to a new level. Automation systems can be configured to monitor pool chemical levels and automatically dose chemicals based on water quality readings. The system mimics the decisions of a Pool professional requiring only manual brushing and cleaning.

Benefits of centralized control allow pool owners to monitor and control their pool from any computer or mobile device. Pools in an indoor lanai will require less manual cleaning of debris and visits from a pool service.

With the ability to monitor multiple pH probes, you can run a reactor as well as monitor the pH of your main system.

Control multiple stage heating and cooling systems with different set points for various pool systems. Everything you need to hold your temperature rock solid.

Full control of your pool’s lighting setup, including timers, dimming control, ramp times to simulate dawn/dusk, and much more.  Seasonal settings automatically adjust the daylight hours during a given time of year, allowing you to simulate almost any environment.

Temp, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and many other probes allow the automation system to provide a constant up-to-date reading of all your pool’s vital measurements. Heaters, fans, reactors and dosing devices can all be automatically triggered when any of these parameters exceed your desired level.

Whether you are dosing ozone or just want to keep an eye on ORP, there is a sensor for that.

Automate this daily task and enjoy your pool. The system can add water from your home’s tap in any amount needed (filtered with only the best filtration equipment first of course!). This level of control helps reduce fluctuations in salt levels as well as temperature and other important parameters.

A powerful automation system allows you to save and store data and easily view it on your computer – helping you to better analyze trends in temperature/chemical levels and maintain a healthier pool.

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