Automated Salt Water Aquarium

Automated Salt Water Aquarium

To keep any aquarium, you have to control a list of things that in turn require a significant amount of time. Precise timing is required for lighting, and it can be especially important to mimic a natural light cycle for cultivating the more difficult corals. Mimicking temperature drops or rainfall can have positive effects on some fish. Feeding and additional nutrients can also be automated. There are a surprising amount of things that can be automated in a complex aquarium system.

In terms of integration, Your Tech takes it to a new level. Automation systems can be configured in millions of possible arrangements. This makes the control system for your aquarium truly customizable, allowing you to set up a control system that is as unique as your needs and wants. Providing more features than any other controller system on the market, we bring a whole new level of possibilities to the modern aquarium enthusiast – giving you greater capability to monitor and maintain your tank than ever before.

Benefits of centralized control allow aquarium owners to monitor and control their tank from any computer or mobile device. Next time you are away from home, take your tank with you – while leaving stress behind. Also, when you will be doing maintenance you are able to shut down multiple systems including pumps and circulation all at the touch of a single button. Likewise, combining lighting and temperature allows us to safely reduce the light levels of the tank’s system if it gets too hot. This helps reduce the amount of heat energy the tank receives when your cooling system is overpowered by hot days or malfunctions. For security, we always connect your system to your home security system as a environmental alarm, and in the event of failure you will be contacted.

Saltwater Creation Tanks

The Ultimate Automated Aquarium Features:

This is no pre-mixed water change solution… Our aquarium automation systems are capable of mixing freshwater utilizing salt dispensers in a heated mixing tank creating saltwater, checking the salinity and other factors for accuracy and moving the water from the mixing tank to the main tank in a completely automated manner.

With the ability to monitor multiple pH probes, you can run a reactor as well as monitor the pH of your main system.

Control multiple stage heating and cooling systems with different set points for various aquarium systems. Everything you need to hold your temperature rock solid.

Full control of your tank’s lighting setup, including timers, dimming control, ramp times to simulate dawn/dusk, and much more. Moonlight control allows you to reproduce a true 29.5-day lunar cycle for nighttime lighting; seasonal settings automatically adjust the daylight hours during a given time of year, allowing you to simulate almost any environment.

Salinity, Temp, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and many other probes allow the automation system to provide a constant up-to-date reading of all your tank’s vital measurements. Heaters, fans, reactors and dosing devices can all be automatically triggered when any of these parameters exceed your desired level.

Whether you are dosing ozone or just want to keep an eye on ORP, there is a sensor for that.

Use this probe to make sure your water changes are spot on. Consistent salt levels between mix water and system water is critical to the heath of your system

Automate this daily task and enjoy your tank. The system can add water from your home’s tap in any amount needed (filtered with only the best filtration equipment first  of course!). This level of control helps reduce fluctuations in salt levels as well as temperature and other important parameters.

Unique programming allow scheduled storms in your tank – rainfall, night mode and tidal effects.

Automate this task to any extent. Our systems are even capable of retrieving refrigerated items and placing them in a tank.

A powerful automation system allows you to save and store data and easily view it on your computer – helping you to better analyze trends in temperature/chemical levels and maintain a healthier tank.


So whether your setup requires dosing pumps, calcium reactors, UV sterilizers, advanced LED lighting, or just a metal halide light, there is a system that will work for you! Contact us today for more information.

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