A truly successful installation hinges on great Project Management. Since today’s home automation systems connect to many of your home’s subsystems, such as audio/video systetms, climate, lighting, motorized drapery/shades, pool, security, surveillance camera systems, gates, etc, careful coordination is required to ensure that all of the details of the project are planned in advance with the other subcontractors on your project.

Most custom audio video installation companies do not have dedicated project managers, instead, they rely on the contractors project manager for updates. This inevitably leads to missed communication, or slow response in returning important phone calls. Your Tech project managers coordinate the entire process, ensuring the other subcontractors and our employees are well informed regarding the project, many General Contractors praise us for being proactive and responsive to phone calls. This helps ensure your project is completed on time.

Your Tech’s goal is that your finished installation is uncompromised in every way. The fit and finish will be excellent, and the entire process from design through completion will be as harmonious as can be. The next step in Your Tech’s process is Implementation. To see all of the steps in Your Tech’s process from concept to completion, click the ‘How We Work’ link in the navigation menu.

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