Wireless shades from Lutron

This year saw the release of a versatile motorized shade option – the Sivoia QS Triathlon battery-operated shade by Lutron. It’s available as a roller shade or as a Honeycomb shade and is compatible with the Lutron Essentials fabric collection.

Unlike most battery-operated shading systems, the Triathlon can be integrated into a whole home automation system such as RadioRA 2, GRAFIK Eye QS or the ever-popular Homeworks QS lighting control systems. This is invaluable for homes that have existing wired shading systems but that may not have wire run to all window locations. This system also acts as a more affordable motorized option for areas where shades may not get regular use.

Even if you’re not planning on using a home automation system, the Triathlon shading system comes with some different control options including Pico wireless controls which can be mounted on a wall with a wall plate adapter or can be mounted on a table top pedestal. There is also a multi-channel remote that allows you to control groups of shades simultaneously. Triathlon wire-free shades can also be controlled by your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.


Where some other battery shades may sound like a blender or food processor when operated, the Lutron Triathlon shades are nearly silent. At 44 decibels for the honeycomb style and 38 decibels for the roller shade style, these motors are quieter than most refrigerators, making them an excellent solution for a baby’s room or library.

The Triathlon roller shade comes with an optional fabric wrapped fascia. With a wide range of sunscreen, light-filtering and blackout fabrics, the Triathlon roller shade can be customized to suite your needs. The Triathlon honeycomb shade fabrics also come in light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout fabrics and have various R Value ratings, meaning the fabrics resist heat flow. Adding a Triathlon honeycomb shade can significantly increase the insulation of your windows.
There is sure to be a Triathlon shade to suit your needs, and with an 8 year limited warranty and Lutron’s 24/7 technical support hotline, your Triathlon shades are protected 365 days a year. To learn more about motorized shading options, visit Your Tech’s shading page here > Click Here

You can find links to Lutron’s shading control app and fabric choice apps at Your Tech’s app page, accessible by clicking here.


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