Our Tech isn't just for mega-homes on land - It's also for superyachts on the water! You can install anything on a yacht that you can in a home, but here's our yacht-only based technologies customized specifically for life on a yacht.

The Advanced Super Yacht Tech Features:


One system accessed from any touchscreen control point or mobile device to control or receive notifications about security, lighting, locks, cameras, temperature, audio, TV and customized yacht programming displaying items such as engine operations, direction, speed, location, navigation, sonar, radar and more.


The giant 201" TV recessed within the stern or bow decks of the boat can also be used as messaging devices. Imagine the mammoth TV rising out of the deck unfolding and rotating toward an approaching vessel with a warning message. That would get my attention. It has 18 built-in speakers too... hmmm... Why not use those as well... Click here to read more


At sea or at the dock, the system utilizes the very latest smart technology to ensure that a notification/emergency lockdown is triggered before someone steps onboard. Effective perimeter detection out to 300' with infrared/thermal cameras or 3 miles with added radar. Threats can be detected even at night or during foggy weather conditions. The system can also use internal and deck cameras to protect those areas as well.


An emergency lockdown system allows external doors to be locked from a central location. In an emergency all external doors can be immediately locked by a push of a button, the system can be integrated with powered closing mechanisms for doors that are left open. In addition, each external door can be individually selected via the control panel to be locked and unlocked remotely. Locks can be simple or a series of large bolts that fall in place preventing ammunition breach.


A facial recognition system can be added to the camera's feeds to detect faces for door or gangway dock access an object or gesture identification. With the identification of an object such as a gun or a gesture such as both hands in the air, a distress signal can be sent out.


The system tracks and identifies objects and people around the vessel's passerelle when the vessel is alongside and the gangway is extended. The system is paired with an access control pedestal placed on the dock while docked. If an unauthorized person steps on the gangway or other areas of the boat, audible notifications and lights can be activated from both the boat and dock pedestal in addition to event commands such as door lock down or notifications. The system can be paired with facial recognition in lieu of the dock pedestal. Click here to read more