World’s Largest Outdoor TV

Attention all landscape architects, designers, and anyone who desires the ultimate in outdoor entertainment: the world’s largest outdoor TV is shipping now and, wow, it’s a beauty to behold! The video here shows the 201” TV literally rise from the ground and unfold. It’s not only an amazing feat of engineering, Austria’s C SEED 201 TV has a very bright picture that can be seen in the middle of the day. This would make the ultimate outdoor theater.

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What really excites me about this product is what a great addition to an outdoor party or a fundraiser this can be. It can be the focal point of the party…invite your friends over for a night at the movies…outside. Watch sports mid-day. It is much more social than a bat-cave home theater system where the room should be dark to get the full effect.

This amazing outdoor TV is available now and carries a price tag that reflects the incredible amount of engineering that went into its design. It is designed by Porsche Design Studio and includes a 3600-watt sound system complete with three built-in subwoofers. For more C SEED 201 TV specifications please visit C SEED’s website (to download an epaper on C SEED 201 TV click here).

Outdoor audio systems have been exploding in popularity over the past few years. True weatherproof TV’s designed for exposure to the elements look great and actually last (never use an indoor TV outside…not good). Innovative outdoor speaker systems such as Sonance’s Landscape Series can fill any size yard or estate with high-quality, even sound coverage without visible speakers. Today’s intuitive remote controls make operating your outdoor music system or outdoor theater a snap.

Key Takeaway: The C SEED 201” outdoor TV can convert your outdoor space into the ultimate entertaining space and hides away when not in use.


Yacht Use:

The worlds largest outdoor TV isn’t just for land use it can also be used on a boat. The Your Tech crew are masters at integration and can program this huge display to double as a messaging billboard rotating towards oncoming vessels displaying a warning message. Imagine this thing unfolding and warning you away…

Worlds Largest Outdoor Yacht TV

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