Advanced Electronic Security Measures

Advanced Electronic Security Measures

For our clientele requiring a new level of electronic security designed to optimize a peaceful private getaway yet provide hidden electronic security measures equal to that of a security detail this system is like no other.

Advanced Technology

This virtually hidden, yet robust, 24-hour security system capable recognizing of faces, weapons, ski masks, license plates and even specific patterns in human movement is paired with automation programming designed to serve, protect and act when needed.


This very same system can also be used for other purposes in customization of non-security related systems, such as identifying whom is present in the home and displaying artwork to their taste.

Never OFF Security

With this system, doors are secured with electronic locks 24 hours a day, discreetly unlocking for authorized users as if they were never locked in the first place and then returning to a locked and secure alarm state upon their close. Should a door be jimmied open at any time, even if an authorized occupant is using a door on the other side of the home, the system will act appropriately.


Should an unknown face be recognized, mobile notifications with live camera views can display next to where homeowners can assign authorized areas or take other actions. Vocal announcements over the homes many speakers assist the occupants and visitors with information such as “John is arriving home, Xcalacoco is opening the gates as requested.” When a car parks in the garage, the driver can glance at the cameras and overall security status on a monitor from within the car.


Events can take action based on the mere presence of a phone, car or other type of tracking device in a certain location within the home, city, state or any other geographically defined area.

Security Measures

If a security threat is detected, security measures through any connected device can be automated, and for the specific situation.  All of the motorized hurricane shutters on the home can drop, internal secure dividers can create separate secure areas within the home and instant security fog can be distributed throughout the home’s HVAC systems making navigation nearly impossible.

Key Takeaway

If you have read this far you know the possibilities are limitless. While everyone certainly does not require this level of security, those who do will appreciate the complete privacy such a system offers their family.

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