Replace Crestron with a Savant Automation System

replace crestron system with savant

As a high-end electronics dealer in the Naples area, we frequently assist homeowners in effort to replace Crestron with another automation system.

Servicing the Naples area with many beachfront homes has given us vast knowledge of many high-end automation system brands. With this knowledge, we have noted that all brands offer the same control ability, but the system reliability comes down to the installer and the programming. One brand however, “SAVANT”, sets itself apart by utilizing a unique feature no other brand has.

Why use Savant to replace Crestron System?

Savant has an entire home capture feature that is as easy as taking a photo. With a few button presses, the homeowner can capture exact lighting levels, music stations, volume levels and many more live settings. Then the homeowner can recall those settings at anytime. With all other systems, the homeowner must prepare a list, in painstaking detail, their programmers utilize to create “custom” button to make all that happen at once. You will thank us over and over because each time you spend the minute or two saving those scenes with Savant you will be saving,not just hundreds of dollars, but valuable time.

Why Us to replace Crestron?

We are brand agnostic meaning we will install and service any brand. This also means we’ve spent quite a bit of time working with the various brands available. Because Crestron is proprietary they do not play well with others. Crestron’s proprietary lighting and shading systems are no different. Most dealers will tell you the systems must be replaced at a major expense.  Here at Your Tech, our technicians have written programming that will allow complete control of your Crestron lighting and shading systems from Savant. Ask our competitors and they will tell you, if we can do it, so can they. We suggest putting us both to the test on this subject before purchasing.

Will Savant work with other control systems?

We realize there are many systems coming out today such as Alexa, Google, Iris, and many others, your control system needs to communicate with every other system in your home or it would not be a smart home! Savant has thousands of integration partners, and frequently cooperates with other brands to ensure the systems integrate well with others. No more proprietary communication wiring and protocols like Crestron.

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