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automated bathtub bathomatic

Imagine being able to run a bath without an overflow drain, but it never overflows. Now imagine being in your bath and it always remaining at the same perfect, constant temperature and it never going cold. Now try to picture at the end of a long day opening an app on your smartphone, starting your bath running and even choosing which combination of eight different fragrances or bubble baths you’ll soak in the instant you arrive home.

It may sound like science fiction, but that is the reality of having Your Tech outfitting your bathroom with unique Bathomatic fully automated digital bath filler technology.

Additionally, bathomatic makes shower controls for jetted showers making control easy.

We love the additional luxury that the Bathomatic system brings to the whole bathing experience. The memory feature saves the perfect bath setup for individual family members’ preferences.

There are three main systems available. Bathomatic basic has a bathtub management system that controls the depth of the bath and will maintain the temperature of the bath by letting out water and adding more hot water. Bathomatic eco features an inline heater with 9 programmable presets that maintains the temperature for any length of time – even hours – meaning it never wastes water.

The height of luxury and convenience is the Bathomatic eco ultimate. This has all the benefits of the eco system but with additional decadent features including the ability to program and automatically dispense your own bespoke mixture of up to 8 different fragrances and bubble baths.

Your Tech is always looking for innovative new ways to heighten the opulence of the bathroom. Bathomatic represents the pinnacle in fully automated bath management.

How automated bath works?

Bathomatic can be installed in any bath. Utilizing standard size drain holes and faucets, bathomatic’s systems are able to literally measure the weight of the water determining its water level. We can install a bathomatic on any tub in most cases.

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