Underwater Speakers

underwater pool speakers

Pictured above fiber optic lighting changes the color of the water in sync with the underwater music creating a very unique swimming experience.

Underwater Speakers can be installed both during your pool construction and after. It is ideal to install the speaker permanently in your pool wall. The speaker is fitted into a standard pool light niche and then installed in you pool wall. Installing after construction would be a floating type.

Underwater sound is in mono only. Well, it’s omni rather than mono, but it can certainly never be heard in stereo. That’s because we hear it through our bones rather than directly through our ears. Our skull picks up an all-round, amorphous sense of sound, as opposed to two distinct sources heard through our earholes. In a swimming pool, the sounds from a speaker bounce off the surface and the bottom and sides, so they weirdly appear to come from everywhere.

Sounds travel around 4.4 times faster underwater. And high temperatures and salt levels speed it up even more. But higher frequencies played underwater sound muffled to human ears, which are designed for listening through air. However, if underwater vibrations are strong enough, they also are conducted through the bones near our ears. This technology is what gives these transducers that feel-it-in-your-bones rich sound.

Most underwater speakers produce strong vibrations over a full range of tactile and audible frequencies, providing high-quality underwater sound through a combination of acoustic transmission and bone conduction. There are two elements in the speaker: the main driver (for bass and middle frequencies) and an attached acoustic lens for improved high-frequency fidelity. Most under water speakers that are designed to in wall installations include 100-feet of built-in waterproof speaker cable.

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