New Building Products affect WiFi & Cell Service

Poor cell reception can be frustrating. Unfortunately, these problems are starting to occur more and more frequently for new homeowners. Advancements in building materials have allowed us to construct better, more energy efficient homes, but have also resulted in materials that can cause major interference for signals.

Certain materials, such as metal siding, concrete and wire mesh can cause significant signal loss. Energy efficient materials, like radiant barriers, closed cell foam insulation and window tinting, are being used more frequently in new homes and also cause major havoc with cell signals.

How To Improve Cellular Signals

Your Tech installs systems that repeat and amplify cellular signals to keep you connected. There are many systems out there that claim to use existing wires and improve coverage, but we have found them to be frustrating and only work for small areas when standing next to the repeater. The systems that work for your entire home require a special cable, as thick as your finger, that is used in cellular antennas. Without this cable, the good systems will not work for you.

How To Improve WiFi Signals

Your Tech installs best of class wireless access points in all new projects. If you have a house that has a poor WiFi signal, we can add equipment to fix this for you. The best wireless access points are all hardwired at their base stations throughout the house.


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