Voice Command for Smart Homes

Voice Command Automation

Imagine the possibility of interacting with your home by only using the sound of your voice. With Your Tech designing your system, you can!  Our voice control allows control of your home: control lights, appliances, audio, video, security or thermostat settings all with your voice. Additionally you can ask your home to tell you the latest stock quotes, weather reports, sports scores or other important news items. On the way home? Just pick up your phone and talk to raise the thermostat, turn on the lights, close the curtains or recite instructions for someone getting home before you. With us you will have the best control for your entire home. Want to know more? Just browse our website or give us a call.

How Voice Control Automation works?

Our Voice control automation interfaces with your home’s Automation system. Once connected, it can send commands all over your house using the existing automation system. No new wires means voice control is easy and inexpensive to install. The user may pick up any phone and speak a command. The system can also be programmed to have short conversations.  It’s a two-way conversation, with HAL confirming that it has, indeed, performed the requested action or searches the internet for an answer much like Apple’s Siri voice interface.

Hands Free Voice Commands

In applications that require complete hand free operation, such as Assisted Living environments, a network of professionally calibrated microphones are placed everywhere in the voice controlled environment, typically one microphone every 10 feet with a minimum of 4 microphones per room. An advanced processor filters all the sounds other than voice for reliable control. The system will know what room you are in by the microphone you are closest too. Additionally, you could ask it to do something in another room while somewhere else in the house.

Assisted Living – (ECS) Environmental Control System

With our voice control automation, you can use your voice to adjust the head or foot of the Bed; Open or Close your Doors or Blinds; Answer the phone; Adjust the thermostat; Switch TV channels; Move Chair Tracks and more!

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