Automated Vacuum

Automated Vacuum Robot

About– Robotic vacuums are discreet, compact and extraordinarily precise robots. If you have ever owned a Roomba you are familiar with the sound and seemingly silly cleaning choices the Roomba makes. Our robots have came a long way in improvements. The first improvement is you do not need to empty our robot’s dirt bin!

Automation Scenario– My home sweeps its floors and vacuums its carpet every day and I never see the robot. It waits until we leave to find the best moment. When I pull into the driveway before its completed the task my automation system tells the robot to hide. Additionally, if I want to show off to my friend I pull out my phone and press a button to clean now. You will not get this level of programming out of the box. We completely integrate the Home Automation system with the Robot’s Control system to achieve this.

Maintenance Required – As the robot is self-recharging and has a hidden docking station that is directly connected to the home’s central vacuum system, the dirt never needs emptied.  There is very little maintenance required as the brushes are even cleaned by the docking station.  Additionally, we spec the home’s central vacuum system to be self-cleaning as well. The dirt is ground up into the smallest of particles then flushed down a sewer drain.

Future Improvements– Robotic cleaning flying drones are currently in development allowing lift to different level surfaces in your home. They collect and create dirt pellets from your home’s grime for use in gardening and recycling.

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