Self Emptying Central Vac

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Vacuuming can be a pain- it’s noisy, inconvenient, and costly when you find yourself back at the store every few years for a new vacuum. Portable vacuums are usually heavy, smelly, and often leave you wondering how clean your carpet really is.

Installing a central vacuum is the answer to all these complaints, so why not install one?

We spec and design only the best of central vacuum systems for your automated home. And of course, its automated, easy and no maintenance.

Here are just a few features that make our central vacuum systems smart:

  • Self Emptying. – That’s right! There are systems that run all your dirt through a garbage disposal mixing in water and down the drain it goes!
  • Wet Mopping / Spills- You can use your central vacuum system to suck up even water!
  • Cleaning Scene – When your vacuum is in use your house can automatically go into a cleaning scene. That can include music, TV, lights and anything else you desire. All is returned to normal as soon as the vacuum is put away.
  • Robot Integration – We’re way past the Roomba here… We use a different robot that we can connect to your central vacuum system and you’ll never have to empty a dust bin.

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