Automate your Lifestyle with Geolocation

What is Geolocation?

As technology becomes increasingly complex, the tools we use to automate that technology become more important. Perhaps the most important of these tools is geolocation. Geolocation services use a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning systems, and radio waves to determine the exact location of a device and, by extension, its user. While this technology has been around for awhile, there have recently emerged many exciting new ways to apply it.

Simplify your Automation

Existing home automation systems can benefit greatly from the integration of geolocation-enabled devices. One way to do this is called “geofencing,” which creates a sort of virtual “fence” to demarcate a particular geographic area. By geofencing your automated home and identifying the mobile phones of its residents, you can set your automation system to perform tasks based on who is or is not present at your home.

An example of geofencing. Tasks can be triggered when you enter or exit the "fenced" area.
An example of geofencing. Tasks can be triggered when you enter or exit the “fenced” area.

Set your lights to turn off automatically when no one is home, and to turn on in certain locations when you return. Set your security system to arm when everyone leaves and disarm on your return. Avoid the noise by having your automated vacuum delay its schedule until no one is home. You could even set up multiple geofences for the various areas in your home, like pools and patios. The applications are endless!

See the Big Picture

You don’t have an automated home? Not to worry! There are many ways for the average user to take advantage of geolocation services. There are a host of third-party applications that allow one to monitor the location of designated devices. By downloading such an app and registering your family’s mobile phones, you can track their locations in real-time; a necessity for any family with teenagers!

Location tracking applications are great for small businesses, too. Any organization with a mobile workforce will appreciate the ability to see where their employees are at a given moment. The ability to meet up without finding and communicating a physical address is also a great convenience.

Explore the Possibilities

These are only a few of the ways geolocation can streamline your daily life without compromising your privacy or security. The question is: How will you use geolocation?

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