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As we have transitioned into more connected lifestyles, poor internet performance has gone from a minor inconvenience to a major problem. Not only are our devices increasingly reliant on a wireless connection for full functionality, most of us have more of these devices than ever. If you have aging wireless equipment, it may not be able to handle the strain. Fortunately, Your Tech has the solution.

Standard, consumer wireless networks rely on access points with a single, omnidirectional antenna that transmits Wi-Fi equally in all directions. This limits the range at which devices can connect, and the total number of devices that can reach optimum internet speeds. In contrast, Your Tech’s network infrastructure includes three or more wireless access points with beamforming technology. This means that our access points have an array of directional antennae, allowing them to detect precisely where internet is needed and concentrate the signal there. Additionally, our hardware is programmed to test its ability to communicate with Google’s public server every 15 minutes, alerting Your Tech of any failure. The result is a drastic improvement in both speed and reliability.


Real Results

Listed below are some homes that recently integrated one of our wireless networks with fantastic results.

Location Provider Old Equipment Before After
Admiralty Parade, Naples Comcast Luxul 30.32 119.30
Treasure Lane, Naples Comcast Ubiquiti 30.52 110.43
Green Dolphin Lane, Naples Comcast Ubiquiti 15.67 125.39
Rum Row, Naples Comcast HP 19.52 119.20
Collingswood Court, Marco Island Comcast Ruckus 60.72 130.10
Marlin Drive, Naples Comcast Ubiquiti 32.60 119.53
Gulf Shore Blvd S, Naples Comcast Pak-Edge 31.63 90.82
Alameda Court, Marco Island Comcast Ubiquiti 30.32 115.20
Atlantic Circle, Naples Comcast Linksys 7.43 120.1
Rum Row, Naples Comcast Luxul 31.72 115.73
Crayton Road, Naples Comcast Luxul 12.43 109.28
Jewel Box Ave, Naples Comcast Pak-Edge 32.70 119.70


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