Watching Multiple Screens with Video Tiling

Have you ever wanted to watch all your favorite videos and shows at once? It’s now possible to watch and listen to your favorite show while stocks, cameras, and even videos from other channels are tiled into windows all on one TV.     With Savant, now you can! Savant’s tiling technology can deliver up to nine high definition windows of content or media on a single display! You can always stretch that one favorite show to full screen.

Video Tiling Ideas:

  • Day traders showing stock information on more than one screen.
  • Sports viewers watching all the game angles at once.

How Savant Video Tiling Works:

  • Will accept up to nine HD or standard definition video inputs at once.
  • Inputs can range from Blu-ray players, cable boxes, security cameras or other video devices.
  • Listen to any tile’s audio by simply tapping the speaker on that tile for audio.
  • Arrange video tiled windows however you like! For example, all equal size tiles or 1 large tile with 5 smaller tiles on one monitor.
  • Most importantly, users will be able to easily arrange their tiling, change content programming and save “favorite” configurations all via Savant’s intuitive iPad interface.

Really Cool Automation Programming:

Combine the video tiling unit with a multi-room matrix switch and you can do this on any TV in your home!

What To Watch Out For:

Some integrators achieve this by placing nine separate TV’s on the wall. While you may be able to make one image full screen, you’ll have annoying separations where the TVs come together.

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