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outdoor landscaping sound and audio

Today’s variety of weather-resistant audio and video equipment means you can enjoy the same entertainment experience outdoors as you do inside. Whether you’re watching the game on a flat-panel TV by the pool, listening to music on the patio with friends or hosting a neighborhood movie night in your backyard, the latest audio and video systems gives a whole new meaning to the great outdoors.

Your Tech creates audio masterpieces in your very own backyard. To create the very best audio system we strategically place many speakers and underground sub woofers around the perimeter of the desired sound field. These speakers are high quality speakers specifically designed for all outdoor elements.

Outdoor Audio Speakers

Outdoor Array vs Standard Outdoor Speakers

Standard Outdoor Speakers vs Array Speakers

When looking at the picture above you’ll notice the traditional speakers are pointing towards the neighbors and typically using traditional bracket speakers there are fewer speakers causing uneven coverage of the sound field resulting in volume levels being turned up and the audio projected further directly towards the neighbors.

With the two array configurations shown below you’ll see even coverage with no speakers pointed anywhere but the back yard. The result is perfectly even audio coverage that seemingly comes from every direction even at lower volume levels.

Simple Outdoor Landscape Audio Array

Standard Landscape Audio Plan


Premium Outdoor Theater Audio Array

Premium Outdoor Theater Audio Array

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