Make TVs Disappear – A Stealth Media Room?

Hiding audio video technology is one our favorite challenges. Thanks to ingenious new motorized TV lifts (and ultra-thin flat panel TV’s), making televisions disappear has never been easier.


The first minute of the video above shows a TV appearing out a wall sideways, and when extended, the TV is able to swivel to different angles. When the TV is turned off and retracted into the wall, a flap closes over the wall opening, completing the ‘disappearing TV’ trick. This new TV mounting system opens up a lot of interior design flexibility, as the TV no longer needs to appear directly in front of you to see it…the TV can swivel to face you. A stealth Media Room perhaps?

Further into the video, you will see an under bed TV lift, which is another product we and the design community love, and a product that we feature in our Los Angeles showroom. If you are a subscriber to our blog you may have seen a video of our first under bed TV lift installation already.


The TV lifts shown in the video above and the other motorized lift products featured here are made by the UK’s Future Automation. Check out their wide array of motorized lifts here > Future Automation Lift Mechanisms. All of these hidden TV solutions are available from Your Tech.

When designing your Media Room or Home Theater, contact your audio video integrator early in the design process. By doing so, clever hidden audio video tricks like this can be easily incorporated into the structure of your home. Often there are framing, electrical, and ventilation requirements that must be dealt with, so the earlier the better.

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