Hidden Mirror TV

Hidden Mirror TV

Mirror TV’s are not simply a television. It is an elegant piece of functional art that complements the design of your room. They are hand crafted using the finest frame styles and highest quality mirror available. The framed televisions are ultra slim, available in 4K resolution, with a depth of only 2″, and with a wide variety of finishes to blend seamlessly with your décor. Programming can consist of TV viewing, digital artwork and simply “off” to reveal a beautiful reflecting mirror.  When paired with our Invisible Speakers your room becomes a true design of elegant artwork.

Hidden TV Mirror in a Bathroom:

Hidden TV behind mirror in bathroom.

When we think of televisions in the bathroom, we often think of luxury. We think of convenient entertainment. For example, we picture bathroom mirror TVs, allowing us to watch our favorite shows without spilling toothpaste on the carpet or combing hairs out onto our furniture. What are lost in these conversations are the practical—even revolutionary—possibilities of the modern bathroom.

For many, the bathroom is the most dependable office space. It’s a place where no one will interrupt you. When you add in a TV, with all its capabilities, including Internet access, the office setup is complete.

Now you can watch, or better yet, read the latest news without having to squint at a smartphone. Perhaps you haven’t had time to keep up with C-Span or explore new documentaries. Why not kill two birds with one stone by watching your favorite educational programming while relaxing your body in a bath?

A number of people simply don’t have the time for specialized education. As a result, many turn to YouTube for instructional videos. Some of the most popular tutorials are beauty videos. In fact, according to a survey, 41 percent of women watch beauty videos on YouTube. Of course, most people don’t want to lug all their beauty products and hair care equipment from the bathroom to the desk every time they want to learn a new trick. They certainly aren’t enthused with the thought of cleaning up hairs and remnants of beauty products off of their workspaces.

With one of Your Tech’s Mirror TV’s in your bathroom, you can alleviate that problem. Your products are already in the bathroom. All that’s left is to find your desired tutorial and follow along while you’re already in front of the mirror. When you’re done, the simple click of the power button will conceal the TV. Now you can bask in your new look without the television in the way. Best of all, you’ve saved yourself a ton of time and energy not moving back and forth between rooms and trying to maneuver into the perfect angle to see yourself in a small, portable mirror.
With the bathroom TV movement gaining steam, your best bet is Your Tech, a pioneer in the field of TV concealment. Always ahead of the curve and always providing the highest quality of products, look no further than Your Tech for your TV concealment applications.

Hidden TV Mirror in a Living Room:

Hidden TV Mirror in Living Room

Hidden TV Mirror in a Bedroom:

Hidden TV Mirror in Bedroom

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