Use the table below to compare lighting systems. Specifically, notice if the LiteTouch retrofit has been planned by the lighting designer. While it’s possible to install any standard smart switch in the LiteTouch enclosure replacing the LiteTouch modules most companies don’t have a compatible low voltage keypad.

You’ll also see brands, price, system type, panel type, 3rd party interface, signal method, mobile apps, amazon alexa availability, part availability, and programming software availability.


United States, Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Colombia and more… We offer LiteTouch replacement solutions for electricians, home owners, and yacht owners.

We also offer Tune-ups and disaster preparation of spare litetouch parts to keep your old litetouch system working.

We charge $1000 per 1/2 day for nearby clients in Florida or $2000 per entire day + travel expenses for clients anywhere in the world.