What is the cost?

Every system varies in size. Costs are typically between $25,000 to $100,000. The most common invoice is around $40,000. We are able to competitively price because of the volume we handle.

Can my litetouch system be repaired?

LiteTouch was acquired and discontinued. All support, training, and the entire part supply has been dismantled. Any parts you find are used typically from eBay. It's extremely risky to have anyone attempt any repair more complicated than replacing a fuse.

Why can't I have normal switches?

The short, unrealistic answer is, you can. Any electrician could remove your LiteTouch system and replace the keypads throughout your home with regular switches. However, this would require a massive rewiring and remodel of your entire house. You see, with LiteTouch there is no standard high voltage wiring run in your home. All keypads are low voltage wiring. Almost every wall and ceiling would need expansive drywall work for new wiring.

Are you too far to service my system?

Because of our experience replacing LiteTouch systems, we’ve been able to streamline our process to such an extent that we can effectively work to replace your system in a shorter time and at a lower cost than our competitors, even your local dealers. Once we’ve installed your new system, if anything should go wrong, we can service it remotely. In the unlikely event, there is a hardware issue once the new system is installed, Lutron is one of the most widely used smart lighting systems in the country, and we are able to coordinate with a local dealer if necessary to address any issues that arise.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and assist with lighting changes remotely.

Who makes your parts?

Although we've replaced litetouch with other manufacturers we've chosen Lutron because of their market dominance.

Will Lutron be outdated like Litetouch?

Litetouch operated from 1986 to 2012 catering only to the ultra-rich market.  Lutron is the most popular electrical company in the world founded in 1961. Their parts are sold in every hardware store around the world and specialize in everything from a simple outlet to industrial automation.

Will the new system work with Alexa?

Yes, the Lutron system can be paired with Alexa at any time, and we specialize in all kinds of technology integration.

I found your parts online can you program them?

No. They are the same parts but we only offer service to clients who purchased the entire package from us.

Can my local Lutron dealer set up the same system?

With enough time and experience, Yes.  However, because of the nature of litetouch, there is limited opportunity for dealers to gain experience in the process. We've mastered the process and are able to offer a replacement cheaper than your local Lutron dealer.

Can I program the system?

Yes, We're quite unique from most Lutron dealers. We give you the programming software and allow you to make any change to the system. We always keep a backup just in case you make a mistake! You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

Does homeowners insurance cover the cost?

It depends, We've worked with a few insurance companies but approved claims were typically only for total system failure with lightning damage.


United States, Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Colombia and more… We offer LiteTouch replacement solutions for electricians, home owners, and yacht owners.

We also offer Tune-ups and disaster preparation of spare litetouch parts to keep your old litetouch system working.

We charge $1000 per 1/2 day for nearby clients in Florida or $2000 per entire day + travel expenses for clients anywhere in the world.