The purchaser of LiteTouch decided to cut their losses just after they released their revamped product using Lite Touch technology. This happened because smart switches started hitting shelves in Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot and many other stores.

Our solution uses these very same smart switches to replace your Lite Touch system. There’s one big catch, these solutions by themselves don’t provide a low voltage keypad to turn on their smart switches which the existing wiring in your Lite Touch home requires.

Your Tech has developed a process merging any two lighting systems together using their 3rd party integration interfaces which all lighting systems have. We’ll provide all the smart switches and set up all the low voltage keypads for easy replacement of your Lite Touch system.

When we’re complete you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to change your own scenes or even replace a switch or keypad.  What we’re doing isn’t proprietary or even complicated to us, but we have extensive knowledge of all lighting systems that exist and have developed the process.

Litetouch Old Parts


Complete our instant online quote form which is a quick inventory of parts for your old litetouch system.

Plans to replace litetouch


Create plans to replace the old litetouch keypads and lighting panels using all the old wiring!

Lutron replaces Litetouch and works with voice control and phone


Installation of your new smart lighting system takes less than a week.


United States, Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Colombia and more… We offer LiteTouch replacement solutions for electricians, home owners, and yacht owners.

We also offer Tune-ups and disaster preparation of spare litetouch parts to keep your old litetouch system working.

We charge $1000 per 1/2 day for nearby clients in Florida or $2000 per entire day + travel expenses for clients anywhere in the world.