Xcalacoco – 2017 Electronic House of the Year

Xcalacoco 2017 Electronic House of the Year Award

The Xcalacoco residence is a charming, secluded home in southwest Florida’s lovely Bonita Springs area. With dense landscaping, thirty foot high walls of bamboo and an automated entry gate, it offers all of the privacy of a rural lifestyle with none of the inconvenience. The gate opens automatically for residents by way of geofencing.

2017 Electronic House of the Year Award

Inviting Impression

Beyond the gates, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the glow cast by variable-color LED projection lamps. Blue light with a water-ripple effect shines on the surrounding landscape, giving the impression that just a few steps into the surrounding woods will reveal a moonlit pond. A discreet landscaping audio system can play music or a vocal greeting. This remarkable display also helps to divert scrutiny from the unobtrusive cameras marking your entry. In the rear of the property is a fully integrated pool and spa, which residents can set to the ideal temperature using their smartphone for hassle-free, year-round usage.

Subtle Yet Easy Interaction

Once inside, the diverse possibilities of automation become apparent. Music and notifications play through every area of Xcalacoco, which alternates between bracket and ceiling speakers for optimum aesthetic value. Lighting is organized into area activity scenes which are triggered by stylish keypads with engraved buttons. You can also find buttons next to the lighting on each keypad that are programmed to control volume for the area’s audio or easily activate the spa.

Meanwhile, a voice within the home announces arrivals with vocals such as “Adam is approaching Xcalacoco” (when the individual is within a mile of the home), or “Xcalacoco is opening the gates for Adam” when the individual pulls into the driveway. For those not granted geofence access, a video intercom and biometric scanner offer alternate means of entry.

Immersive Audio and Video

In the main upper level of the home, one enters directly into a seemingly ordinary living area with no visible television. One only notices a discreetly placed soundbar until the large projection screen descends and the full range of a 24 speaker Dolby Atmos surround sound system comes to life, supported by two in-wall subwoofers. For lovers of music, the Dolby Atmos surround sound system can produce amazing sound immersion without the use of any video equipment.

Finally, the upper master suite boasts a 65″ curved television mounted on the ceiling directly above the bed, which allows for a uniquely comfortable viewing experience while in full repose.

Impressive Yet Unobtrusive Security

Xcalacoco is a large, multiple level home with french doors leading to wrap-around porches from nearly every room. Due to this design, security would present a major challenge without the use of smart locks and doorbells. Residents and authorized individuals need never hassle with keys. They can freely enter all doors, which seem never to be locked due to advanced, geolocation technology.

The office area is dominated by a large, glass desk. Incorporated into the desk is a video display, upon which the live video from the home’s various cameras are tiled for convenient viewing. With such a high quality camera system, the family is easily able to view recordings. In fact, they frequently post family blooper videos on facebook.

Fox 4 News Video

Fox 4 News- Home of the Year



Room List

Lower Level

Villa 1 – Suite

Villa 1 – Garage

Villa 2 – Living

Villa 2 – Dining

Villa 2 – Kitchen

Villa 2 – Bath

Villa 2 – Bed

Villa 2 – Garage

Upper Level

Living Room


Master Suite 1

Master Suite 2

Outdoor Areas

3 Car Garage

Garage Loft / Office



Gate Entrance

Villa 2 Patio

Upper Level Patio

Smart Home Features

Projector Media Room w/ Atmos Surround

Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Lighting – Keypad

Outdoor Color Select Landscaping Lighting

Entry Gate


Biometric Access Control

Electronic Locks

Cameras w/ 2 way Audio


Pool / Spa


Robot Vacuum


IFTTT Events

Facial Recognition & Database

License Plate Recognition & Database

Whole Home Advanced Power Circuitry 

Vocal Examples

Adam is approaching Xcalacoco!

Xcalacoco is opening the gate for Adam.

Xcalacoco has a visitor!

Xcalacoco is opening the gates as requested.

About time, Xcalacoco’s guests are leaving.

The villa doorbell has rung!

A package has just been delivered!

A package is awaiting retrieval.

The mail has just been delivered!

Mail is awaiting retrieval.

Welcome to Xcalacoco!

Please proceed to the rear parking area.

Parking is currently full, Please park on the street and use the pedestrian gate to your Left.

Xcalacoco would like to wish everyone a pleasant evening!

Reminder! Xcalacoco would like to remind you that trash day is tomorrow.

Reminder! Xcalacoco would like to remind you that recycling day is tomorrow.

Xcalacoco also has approximately 40 interactive jokes to be triggered when appropriate.


1 Elan Home Automation Controls

26 Cameras

24 LED Color Water Ripple Landscaping Lights

23 Keypad Lighting Controls

79 Dimmer Switches

5 Fan control Switches

1 Video Door Intercom

1 Dual Swing Gate Opener

1 Gate Fingerprint and Proximity Reader

6 Door Fingerprint, Proximity, Pin Code Reader

6 Doorbells

12 Electronic Deadbolts

1 Soundbar

38 Ceiling or Bracket Speakers

24 Surround Speakers

2 In Wall Subwoofers

2 Rock Speakers

24 Landscaping Speakers

3 Outdoor Subwoofers

3 Whole Home Audio Matrix and Amplifiers

1 Surround Room Audio Receiver

5 Internet Audio Servers

5 TVs

4 Handheld Remotes

3 Zwave Thermostats

2 iPad Magnetic Touchscreens

1 Hdmi Matrix

Apple TV, Roku, Comcast, Blu-ray

Lots of other misc parts!

Complete list of 2017 Electronic House of the Year Awards

Since the awards began in 2006 we are proud to be one of only two winners in the entire state of Florida!

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  1. Wow that is so awesome! It is so crazy to see what you could do with a little bit of programming. My favorite part is the TV mounted to the ceiling above his bed

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